LOFT – Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow

Strategic Plan

Adopted November 2016

Inspiring Philanthropy

Serving Donors

Enriching Our Community:

Now and For Future Generations


Founded in 2002, The Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow (LOFT) is our local community foundation through which individuals, families, organizations and corporations invest in the well-being of the community by supporting the arts and cultural, civic, educational, health and human services, and local government initiatives that improve the quality of life for all Lafayette County and Oxford residents.  LOFT is a non-profit, charitable organization operating as an affiliate of CREATE Foundation (Tupelo, Mississippi).

LOFT provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to combine their giving, thus, creating a sizable pool of assets available for improvement of the community. This results in a stronger, more cohesive place to live and work.

Our Vision

To lead, guide, coordinate, and support nonprofits in Oxford and Lafayette County.

Our Mission

LOFT is committed to improving the quality of life for the people of Oxford and Lafayette County through:

  • Building permanent community endowment assets by encouraging philanthropy and managing charitable funds contributed by individuals, families, organizations, and corporations
  • Strengthening the capacity of community development
  • Impacting the community through gifts and targeted grant-making

Our Values

  • Integrity – LOFT emphasizes being honest, truthful, and moral in all of its actions and decisions that affect the Oxford-Lafayette community.
  • Community – LOFT desires to improve our local community through inclusion, diversity, collaboration, and transparency.
  • Teamwork and Trust – LOFT is clear and open about decision making and provide records of all members, sponsors, results, and ideas that are expressed.
  • Sustainability – LOFT promotes ideas and innovation that induce effective and sustainable participation with programs.
  • Stewardship and Commitment to Diversity of Grants – LOFT maintains that it is a steward of significant funds that have been entrusted to be managed with the upmost responsibility and utilized for a variety of purposes throughout our community.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Promote community development.

Strategy 1: Align LOFT’s programs and grant making efforts to address key priorities that prioritize arts and cultural, civic, educational, health and human services, and local government initiatives.

  • Performance Indicator A: Annually, LOFT’s unrestricted resources will be assigned to working on key priorities.

Strategy 2: Identify and work with other non-profit organizations to develop partnerships in the community.

  • Performance Indicator A: Anually, LOFT develops significant lasting partnerships with other non-profit organizations in the community.

Goal 2: Increase LOFT’s endowment funds and promote charitable giving to meet community needs.

Strategy 1: Inform professional advisors in the community about LOFT and charitable giving options and benefits.

  • Performance Indicator A: LOFT will make contact with individuals who qualify as a “professional advisor” in the community and communicate LOFT’s mission.

Strategy 2: Engage high net-worth individual donors in the philanthropic work of LOFT.

  • Performance Indicator A: LOFT board members will make at least five (5) phone calls or write five (5) letters annually to a potential donor sharing how LOFT can assist with the potential donor’s philanthropic giving.
  • Performance Indicator B: LOFT will implement a contact plan for at least 50 high net-worth donor prospects.

Goal 3: Continuously strengthen the capacity of LOFT to serve Oxford and Lafayette County

Strategy 1: Ensure organization staffing is appropriate to achieve excellence.

  • Performance Indicator A: Maintain a clearly defined organization structure and maintain a clear job description for staff.

Strategy 2: Implement a marketing plan that builds a compelling community image and identifies the core messages and visual identity for LOFT.

  • Performance Indicator A: Annually, LOFT board members will approve a marketing and development plan recommended by the board president.