LOFT – Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow


Frequently Asked Questions

The Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow (LOFT) is a non-profit, charitable organization operating as an affiliate of CREATE Foundation (Tupelo, Mississippi). LOFT annually awards grant funds to further our organizational mission to improve the quality of life for people in Oxford and Lafayette County.

Who is eligible to receive a LOFT Grant?

LOFT considers grant applications only from eligible organizations which provide services within the Oxford and Lafayette County area.  LOFT considers requests for funding of new projects and/or projects that show expansion of current, successful programs and/or services.  To determine your organization’s eligibility, please view the applicant requirements within the Grant Application Checklist.

What makes a successful LOFT Grant proposal?

LOFT’s five areas of interest for grant awards are arts and cultural, civic, educational, health and human services, and municipal projects.  Projects which seek to improve quality of life within these five areas, while meeting the grant guidelines and requirements have the best chance at a LOFT award.

In addition, funding preference may be given to proposals which include items of permanence or those which create a long-term, positive impact within Oxford and Lafayette County communities.

What kinds of projects or items are not funded by LOFT?

LOFT typically does not provide funding for salaries, building projects, or everyday operational support to sustain programs or projects, i.e. facility rent or upkeep, electricity or other bills, etc.

When will applicants be notified of LOFT grant awards?

Award notifications to all applicants are made in late August.

If we receive a grant award from LOFT, when will we receive our grant funds?

Grant funds will be issued at the annual LOFT Grant Awards Reception in mid-September.  Challenge Grants require matching funds to be in place before receiving LOFT funds.

Are there requirements associated with receiving a LOFT grant?

LOFT Grant recipients are required to complete a final report form, following grant implementation.  This final report form outlines necessary documentation of how project monies were spent, and is required upon acceptance of any grant funds from LOFT.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Jody Holland at